ASLE 2019: Paradise on Fire

From Monstrosities to Wonders: Ecohorror and Transcorporeality Panel at ASLE 2019, UC Davis, June 26-29, 2019 Organizers: Christine Peffer, Michigan State University & Nadhia Grewal, University of London Goldsmiths This roundtable seeks to explore the body as a productive site for interfacing with the nonhuman in the context of ASLE’s conference theme, Paradise on Fire….

MLA Seattle 2020

Panel: Botanophilia, Botanophobia Abstract: “A biologist’s nightmare”: Fungal Consciousness and the New Weird Fungi are unusual organisms. Because they are fundamentally dependent upon intra-actions with other creatures, mycologists have struggled to determine their ontological status, and to pin down a “complete” taxonomy of fungal forms. We might say that a fungus, as such, does not…